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Poczta SU Kraków
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ul. Kopernika 36, 31-501 Kraków

Information: (12) 424 70 00

About us

The University Hospital in Krakow is a leading medical centre on the national scale, with rich longstanding traditions. Its renown has been built over decades by generations of physicians of high expertise and practical knowledge. The beginnings of the University Hospital in Krakow date back to 1788, when the General Hospital of Saint Lazarus was created.

Nowadays the University Hospital in Krakow is a complex of many edifices which together occupy the space of almost 19 hectares. It is situated in the strict centre of the city, at the junction of Kopernika, Botaniczna, Śniadeckich and Grzegórzecka Streets, as well as at 5 Skawińska Street.

The mission of the University Hospital in Krakow is to merge experience and tradition with the newest trends in medicine for the improvement of the patient’s health and wellbeing. Its main purpose is the pursuit to assure a complex medical care for the patient – beginning with prophylaxis through therapy do rehabilitation.

The University Hospital in Krakow is the biggest in Poland supraregional public hospital, not only providing therapy for patients but also training future medical personnel. Over 300 young physicians who gain instruction here are the best proof of the level and quality of services rendered by a highly specialized staff of physicians, nurses and diagnostic technicians, as well as by psychologists.

The University Hospital in Krakow offers highly specialized medical care for out-patients and in-patients in the framework of different specialties represented by various clinical departments, institutes and out-patient clinics. At present the University Hospital has 32 departments with almost 1,600 hospital beds, 8 diagnostic institutes and 71 out-patient clinics. The University Hospital in Krakow has 3,900 highly qualified employees and yearly admits almost 75,000 patients from all over Poland. The number of medical consultations given in out-patient clinics exceeds 380,000 yearly.

The University Hospital in Krakow is a place where patients can count on a quick diagnosis and effective therapy. It is a safe and friendly institution characterized by interdisciplinary, integrated and modern attitude towards therapy and care, applying modern diagnostics and therapeutics which make use of a unique equipment in our macroregion.

The newest medical achievements in diagnostics and therapy, as for example proton therapy for eye cancer and intervention therapy for acute stroke are the range of activity of the University Hospital in Krakow, as well as it is a quick, specialized, complex care for victims of multiple-casualty incidents and mass emergency events at the Emergency and Mass-Event Medicine Trauma Centre being a reference institution for the whole region.