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Poczta SU Kraków
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ul. Kopernika 36, 31-501 Kraków

Information: (12) 424 70 00

Department of Internal Medicine

Registration: 12 424-88-45

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About us

The Department of Internal Medicine, University Hospital, Krakow, is a fully-featured unit of internal medicine with a special interest in geriatric medicine. The Department has grown to become the largest centre on Poland’s rather limited market of inpatient geriatric services.

The Department is made up of several units: Internal Diseases and Geriatrics, Intensive Care, Toxicology, Rheumatology, and Chronic Pain and Palliative Care Unit, running a total of one hundred beds. Apart from hospital services, the Department boasts a thriving network of out-patient facilities, inclusive of Hypertension, Geriatrics/Heart Failure, Immunology, and Rheumatology clinics, and the Centre for Rare Diseases, a most recent addition.

Its medical and academic focus rests on the broad issues related to internal medicine, especially the diagnostics and treatment of arterial hypertension (ESH excellence centre), heart failure, age-related diseases (with special interest in such issues as dementia or accidental falls), rheumatic diseases and immune deficiencies. The Department is also involved in the monitoring of overall quality of primary care.

A broad range of in-house specialists and regular collaboration with the other University Hospital Units was instrumental in launching the Centre for Rare Diseases on March 1, 2012. The Centre effectively addressed the need to supply medical care to those patients who are difficult to diagnose within the scope standard of diagnostic procedures.

As the largest Department of Internal Medicine in Krakow, it offers 24/7 intensive care services for all the referrals from the Hospital’s ED.